Re: How do I register for Membership?

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Re: How do I register for Membership?

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Chris Aguilar wrote:
12 years ago
Here is how to apply for Conjure Nation membership.

Please know membership to these forums is limited, so not all membership applications are accepted. Here is how to kick off that process:

The three steps listed below are mandatory.
1. Use your real name (or a form of it, e.g. "Mike M." "B. Smith, etc.) as your user name. Below are the kind of usernames that will get one's registration summarily deleted:
  • Pseudonyms (especially "cute" or "clever" ones like "Mr. Magic", "Count Mysterious", etc.)
  • Usernames consisting of only initials
  • Usernames impersonating another person.
2. Use a proper, non free, non anonymous e-mail address (no hotmail, yahoo, etc.) Gmail is sometimes acceptable if I can link it to a valid account with your real name.

If I personally know you, then the next step is not necessary, otherwise...

3. Send a short e-mail to me via, briefly tell me about yourself. Make sure to tell me what name (hopefully your real name) you signed up under. Sending this, with the completion of steps 1 and 2 will generally allow me to register you

The following two are not mandatory, but can often make the difference.
Provide me with links to posts you've made at other forums (please do not give me links I cannot access).

Have a member (or members) here recommend you. (They need to contact me directly with the referral, so please no "So and so will vouch for me".)
I reserve the right to decline any membership application without comment.
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