Introducing Kids to Magic

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Introducing Kids to Magic

Post by Chris Aguilar » 1 year ago

I saw this (unfortunately, shallow and kind of lazy) article about introducing kids to magic, which is a great topic, deserving of a deeper dive.

At the end of the article, their further recommendations are:
Other tips for supporting your kid’s interested in magic:

Orciuoli recommends the series Junk Drawer Magic by DreamWorksTV. “It has some really cool and fun DIY tricks that kids of all ages can do.”

Magic for Dummies by David Pogue is a good beginner’s handbook. It includes lots of trick that kids can do with everyday items. There’s a section on how to turn a restaurant into stage with tricks that involve utensils, mugs and food. (Warning: While your children will love this, your servers may not.)

Take your kid to see local magic shows. Talk to them about what they liked and didn’t like about the tricks and performance.
The youtube channel looks kinda of fun and probably appropriate for someone like my ten year old daughter.

Can't argue with the suggestion to take your kid to magic shows. My daughter is still kinda angry that we went to see Michael Carbonaro without her.

The Pogue book is great, but I'd make some further recommendations

Magic, the Complete Course - Joshua Jay
Knack Magic - Richard Kaufman
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

I purchased a Fantasma magic set for my daughter and she really enjoyed that.

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Jeff Haas
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Post by Jeff Haas » 1 year ago

Those last three books are all you need to know!
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Bill Duncan
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Post by Bill Duncan » 1 year ago

Another thumbs up for Magic For Dummies. The Mark Wilson Course is great too. I had a friend who work restaurants where he used the Cups and Balls routine from MWC all the time.
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