Version 3.0 (Public) Vector Card set released.

Support for my Vector Playing Card Project (Standard playing card face in .SVG and .EPS format)
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Version 3.0 (Public) Vector Card set released.

Post by Chris Aguilar » 3 months ago

I really appreciate that tens of thousands of people have downloaded my vector card faces graphic library over the years, so I felt it was time to move them to a nicer site (this one!) get rid of some redundant material and reorganize the whole set.
6/7/2019 – Version 3.0 Released
  • New Project Web Page Created :
  • ... ing-cards/
    Court cards updated – “Shiny Happy People” set added.
  • Several New Patterned Backs Added
  • Extraneous Card sets (Multi Color) removed to streamline overall set.
    Grayscale, B/W, Platinum and Inverted Sets added in both bordered and Printable variants.
  • Added two “Chimera” rainbow color decks (backs)
  • Printable Color Faces (print bleed) added for simpler printing.

Go get it!
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